Dear Tenant,

We are here to help you move smoothly through the rental process, liaising between you and the property owner. Therefore we offer you: Local knowledge - a good selection of properties to choose from; Help with negotiation - terms and conditions that are right for you; Advice - knowing the rights and responsibilities of both parties under the law; Dispute resolution - help in reaching a fair, legal and amicable solution; Accessibility - you can contact your property management company when you need to.


Property Inspection Report

When moving in, you will be given a property inspection report. You will have it when you are given the keys or it will be posted within 2 days of your tenancy starting. Please read it carefully and go over all the starting damages and chattels to make sure they are all correct. If you need to make any additions or amendments please do so on the form and return a copy of it to us within 7 days of the tenancy starting. This is used at the end of your tenancy for the bond refund so it is very important that you take time to ensure that it is correct and you are happy with it. Please return it to our office

Lodge of Tenancy Bonds

We lodge all tenancy bonds received with the Department of Building and Housing, as required under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

Fixed Tenancies

Most of our tenancies are for a fixed term. A fixed term means that the tenancy can not be terminated by either party during this period. The advantage to the tenant is that the rent can not be increased during this term.

However, we can assist you if you wish to break you tenancy agreement and the following conditions will apply:

1. The tenant is responsible for and must pay rent until the property is relet to a suitable tenant and a binding agreement has been entered into.

2. The tenant must also pay for all advertising costs expended by the office in the process of securing a new tenant.

Periodic Tenancies

A periodic tenancy may be ended by giving us 21 days notice in writing; we would also appreciate a phone call at the same time. Notice must be posted or faxed to us; please allow an additional 5 days for postage.

Payment of Rent

Rent must be paid weekly/fortnightly in advance by automatic payment or direct credit. Rent must be paid out of one bank account only. We have completed an AP form for you, if you haven't left it with us please complete your bank acc details and return to your bank at least 3 days before your next is due. Please do not pay rent direct into our account as it can be very difficult to track rent payments without the correct information appearing on our bank statement. If we have to trace a payment that appears on our bank statement with no reference then there will be a $15.00 charge for this. If you have to pay cash please pay at our office which is open between 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Rent Arrears

If you are having difficulty paying rent please contact us to discuss the problems, we may be able to help. If you become behind in rent we are obliged to issue you with a 10 day notice which gives you 10 working days to bring your rent up to date. Should no rental payments be received by the end of the 10 days we will apply to Tenancy Services for a Tenancy Hearing. We will go to mediation and if we can not resolve the issue we will go to the Tribunal and an adjudicator will make a decision for us.


Only the people originally included on your application or lease agreement are allowed to reside at the property permanently. Any alteration to this must be discussed with our office as you may become in breach of your Tenancy Agreement if you choose to allow other people to reside at the property. The total numbers of tenants that may reside at the above property is written at the top of your lease agreement


We ask that you report any matters requiring repair or maintenance immediately to avoid the risk of injury to either yourselves, your visitors or to the rented property. Please ring/email or fax the office with details of the repairs required and how access can be gained to your property. Do not phone your property manager on their cell phone unless it is after hours and an emergency. Either our office or the tradesman will contact you as to when they will be attending to the repair. Once the job has been completed the tradesperson will advise our office before they have left the property. Any maintenance arranged by the tenant themselves will be at the tenants expense unless in extreme emergency.

We respect your rights as a tenant to quiet enjoyment and privacy during your tenancy and we will do our best to help you during our time together.

Thank you,
Auckland Rent Management

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